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Child Abduction

Protecting the rights of you and your children

Child Abduction

International child abduction occurs when a child is removed from the country they live in and taken to another country without the consent of both parents. International abduction may also involve children who have been held in Australia or another country against a parent’s wishes. This most commonly involves overstaying a holiday.

Australia complies with the Hague Convention, an international agreement that aims to protect children from corruption, abuse and exploitation. This multilateral treaty provides an expeditous method to return a child who has been internationally abducted from a parent from one member country to another.

If your child has been abducted, it is important that you act quickly and with an understanding of the various laws that apply to child abduction both in Australia and in the country they have been removed to.

Clancy & Triado’s accredited family lawyers have experience in seeking the return of children to Australia, and in defending Hague Convention proceedings in Australia that seek the return of a parent’s children to another country. We advise clients on the legality of situations and the process involved in retrieving children under Australian Federal law and the Hague Convention, and we liaise with the Commonwealth Central Authority.

As experts in this complex area of law we will sit with you, listen to your story and provide representation to ensure the best interests of your children are achieved.