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International Family Law

In an increasingly global world, working with international family law is becoming more common. Yet these matters remain involved and complex.


As experts in family law, Clancy & Triado has extensive experience working with overseas jurisdictions to protect and support the needs of our clients and their children.

International Family Law

Our international family law services include registering overseas orders with regard to children, property, child support, and maintenance to ensure they are recognised and enforceable in Australia.

If your case involves parties, children or property in different countries, we consider inter-jurisdictional issues such as assessing whether a person’s legal entitlements are best pursued in Australia, or in an alternative, more favourable jurisdiction. This can require careful, and often urgent, consideration of your personal family circumstances to assess whether and how to secure the better jurisdiction.

We regularly instruct overseas valuers and other experts on overseas superannuation interests, real estate, shareholdings, offshore accounts, interests in overseas companies etc.

As a highly regarded family law firm, Clancy & Triado has extensive connections with other lawyers and attorneys, investigators and valuers in various countries including New Zealand; Hong Kong; London; various states in the United States of America; as well as in European and Asian jurisdictions.

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Our Founder

In 1976, Patricia Clancy was building up her legal practice when Gough Whitlam's attorney-general Lionel Murphy changed the law.

It also changed her life.

Her firm Clancy and Triado went on to become one of the most prominent in the state handling divorce - notably for female clients - and custody cases.

Later, Clancy was awarded an Order of Australia for services to law, particularly family law.

The Whitlam period "was a very exciting time. Things a lot of people had objected to were so suddenly remedied at the stroke of a pen."

The legal changes fundamentally changed people's lives for the better, particularly women and children, she says.

"We will never go back to the appalling situation that existed before the act, whereby people were forced to stay in dreadful marriages".

Patricia Clancy AM, Founder
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We Tell Your Story

We listen to your story and advocate for your best interests. Our lawyers are committed to supporting you to achieve the best possible outcome in your family law settlement.

We view Court as the last resort, not a first resort.

We succeed in resolving approximately 95% of our cases before court proceedings are issued, saving our clients unnecessary stress, cost and time.

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