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Protecting the rights of an intellectually disabled child

Tuesday 12th September 2017

By: Clancy and Triado

Protecting the rights of an intellectually disabled child

Alicia is an intellectually disabled child whose future would be complicated by unique health issues. Her family had been advised of a ‘special medical procedure’ that would make a significant difference to her health and well-being as she moved into adulthood.

Although her parents and medical practitioners were convinced of the benefits of proceeding, the law also required permission from the Family Court of Australia.

Alicia’s parents, Ben and Kelly, approached Clancy & Triado for advice.

Clancy & Triado’s experts in family law worked closely with Ben, Kelly and Alicia. Additionally, they liaised with Alicia’s medical practitioners and teachers in order to demonstrate to the court why the procedure was in Alicia’s best interests. Ultimately, the Court gave its permission for Alicia’s medical procedure to go ahead.

Since the procedure, Alicia’s quality of life has improved. Her family is more comfortable in the knowledge that they have been able to make a significant difference to her future well-being.

*The name of these clients was changed to protect their privacy.

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