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Helping resolve disputes outside court


Mediation is often a more cost effective and less stressful way to attempt to settle a dispute as an alternative to litigation. It can even occur after litigation has commenced. All Family Law Act issues can be discussed in mediation, including children, property, child support, spousal maintenance etc.

The mediation process can determine the areas of agreement and disagreement, and can build and encourage an ongoing working relationship between ex-partners (especially if they are parents of children).

Mediation is undertaken with the assistance of an impartial mediator who assists the individuals to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. 

Clancy & Triado’s recommended lawyers in Melbourne support the mediation process to discuss family law legislation issues and use the practice in circumstances that are appropriate. We can recommend various organisations to conduct mediation directly between you and the other parent, or we can represent you at a round table conference with the other parent and their lawyer to negotiate an agreement.

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