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Business Valuations & Forensic Investigations

Ensuring fair and objective distribution of all assets

Business Valuations & Forensic Investigations

Negotiating a settlement following the breakdown of a de-facto relationship or divorce becomes even more complicated when there is a business involved, and especially if only one party has been hands-on in its operation.

An expert business valuation is essential as your business forms part of the pool of matrimonial assets that must be divided between you and your former spouse. Even if your business is not valuable to sell, if it is earning an income, it needs to be considered as part of the property settlement.

A professional business valuation will objectively assess the value of your business based on any contracts, good will, assets vs. liabilities, loans and tax payable.

Forensic Investigations

To ensure a fair distribution of assets, it may be necessary to appoint an expert forensic investigator. The investigator will determine whether any money has been hidden in the business, and whether claims of income, expenses and money owed are being accurately accounted for.

A forensic investigator is able to trace transactions within complex corporate or trust structures and international jurisdictions; check for any bankruptcy proceedings, identify hidden superannuation trusts and more to ensure all assets are disclosed and an appropriate settlement can be determined.

At Clancy & Triado our family lawyers work closely with experienced, independent property valuers as well as specialist forensic accountants and tax and advisory experts to ensure our clients’ best interests are protected.