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Jacob Clancy

Senior Associate

I decided to become a lawyer at a mature age, having started my career in international development and policy making. It’s a decision I have never looked back from.

Once I began studying law, I quickly developed a passion for it and found an interest in the human element of the law, and in particular family law and later succession law. The cases I have been exposed to during my time with Clancy & Triado have included complex property settlement matters, parenting cases, wills, estate challenges and more.

What fascinates me the most about family law is that no two cases are the same. Even though the facts may be similar, the personalities involved are always different. This means the strategies required to achieve the desired outcomes can vary enormously.

Often both family law issues and succession issues occur in association with a serious change of circumstance in life, such as a separation or the death of a close family member. Clients experience increased levels of anxiety and insecurity, making the role of a trusted legal advisor imperative to guide them through the process with as little difficulty as possible. My approach is one of empathy and understanding. My aim in the first instance is always to achieve a just outcome for the client professionally and amicably so that parties can heal, forgive and move on with their lives.

Being able to identify a client’s desired outcome and explain both what the law can and cannot achieve for them, and the strategy required to achieve their goal is an important part of this process.

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