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Helen Mulvaney

Senior Associate

I came to study and practice law after careers as a teacher and a counsellor. Working as a lawyer seemed like one way I could make a difference.

I decided to undertake a law degree to seek a career change. Having completed my law degree, I worked in the Family Court for one year as Legal Associate to the Honourable Justice Cronin. This invaluable experience led me into family law as a practitioner.

One of the aspects of my work with Clancy & Triado that I most enjoy is the variety of cases that come to our practice. Family law is never a case of one size fits all, which means as practitioners we need to be knowledgeable about many areas within the broader law. This keeps things interesting and challenging… and there is always something to learn and apply.

I volunteer my time at the Fitzroy Legal Service’s Family Law Clinic.

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