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Intervention Orders

Protection from violence for you and your family

Intervention Orders (IVOs)


If you are living with domestic or family violence, it is essential that you seek protection immediately. This is particularly important to ensure your safety, and the safety of any other family members who are being impacted by violence.

If you are suffering from family violence (referred to in law as ‘the affected family member’), an Intervention Order (IVO) will protect you and your family by placing conditions and restrictions on the person inflicting the violence (known in law as ‘the respondent’).


Clancy & Triado’s experienced family lawyers can help you obtain a family violence Intervention Order with the assistance of police or at a local Magistrates’ Court.


An IVO may direct the respondent:

  • against committing family violence
  • to leave the family home
  • to cease contact with you and any other affected family members by any means
  • not to approach your home or workplace of that of any other affected family members
  • not to be within 200 metres of you or any other affected family members


The Order can also prevent the Respondent from damaging your property and if he/she breaches the conditions of the IVO, the Victorian police can charge them with a criminal offence.


If children help a family member who has been abused, see damaged property in the home, or see or hear family violence, they will be deemed to have been affected by family violence and can be included on the Intervention Order.


The Family Violence Protection Act


The Family Violence Protection Act has recently been expanded to protect people from different types of family violence. This includes:

  • Physical violence, where the behaviour of the Respondent is harmful and used to control, threaten, force or dominate a family member through fear;
  • Economic abuse;
  • Emotional or psychological abuse;
  • Sexual abuse, threats and coercion.

People who fear for the safety of their property, any other person, or their animals are also protected by the Family Violence Protection Act.