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Grandparents & Third Parties

Maintaining access for all who care

Grandparents & Other Involved in Child’s Life

The holistic welfare of a child extends beyond the care of immediate family to encompass love and support from grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and even family friends. Yet when a relationship breaks down, access to these important people can be lost.

At Clancy & Triado our accredited family lawyers have extensive experience representing grandparents and other people interested in the care, development and welfare of children whose parents have separated or divorced.

We are here to listen to your story and gain an understanding of your situation. With empathy and objectivity, we can advise you and represent you to regain access to children following their parents’ separation. Should it become necessary, our accredited family lawyers can also formalise agreements or obtain Family Court Orders.

Case Guardianship

Sometimes a person is unable to represent themselves in Family Law proceedings, due to poor health, a disability or incapacity.

In this situation, the Court may appoint a Case Guardian to act on their behalf. This will often be a family member such as a sibling or parent who is willing and able to assist.

As an experienced family law firm, Clancy & Triado is highly skilled at identifying people who are unable to represent themselves in court and applying for Court Orders to appoint a Case Guardian.