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Adult Child Maintenance

Securing the future for your adult child

Adult Child Maintenance

Once a child turns 18 years of age, child support payments are usually discontinued. In some cases, maintenance payments can be arranged to ensure a continued financial contribution to help meet the needs of your adult child.

Adult child maintenance may be available to children 18 and over if:

  • They are continuing to study tertiary education
  • They live with a disability
  • They cannot adequately support themselves.

The Family Court or Federal Circuit Court assesses each child’s circumstances and each of the parents’ financial circumstances to determine whether adult child maintenance is appropriate.

Representing Your Needs

At Clancy & Triado our accredited lawyers are ready to talk to you about your circumstances and advise you of any possible obligation to pay adult child maintenance. We can also represent you in negotiations with your former partner and if necessary in the Family or Federal Cicuit Court.

If you are seeking adult child maintenance, we can refer you to another Melbourne family lawyer who will assess the eligibility of your adult child, represent you in your Court application and achieve Orders securing maintenance to support you or your child.