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Marianne* was suffering extreme domestic violence at the hands of her partner. The violence began soon after their marriage and became increasingly serious. During this time, Marianne had a baby and by the time she sought advice from Clancy & Triado, her husband had also begun inflicting violence on the infant.

It was apparent that Marianne had become emotionally and physically exhausted by the abuse. She could see no way out of her situation. It was also apparent that general advice would be insufficient.

Marianne needed urgent help to ensure safety for her and her child.

Clancy & Triado’s accredited experts in family law obtained an immediate injunctive Order which required her partner to move out of the home. We recommended Marianne begin seeing a psychologist who helped her come to terms with her situation, manage her relationship breakdown and become re-empowered. We worked with a forensic accountant to identify assets that Marianne’s husband had hidden from her, then negotiated a property settlement via the Family Court. This enabled Marianne to retain all the equity in her home, providing much needed security for her and her child.

Marianne was enormously grateful for the assistance provided by Clancy & Triado. She credits our legal team’s services with saving her life and removing her child from the ongoing trauma of being victim to, and witnessing, family violence

*The name of this client was changed to protect her privacy.