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Lucas* was in a difficult situation and he was worried about his financial security. He had been the long-time boyfriend of Sofia, a married woman who had promised that eventually they would be together. With this in mind, he had invested his assets into the relationship over many years.

Lucas was taken by complete surprise when his partner eventually confessed that despite their long-term relationship, she had decided to remain with her husband.

When Lucas ended the relationship, he discovered that Sofia was unwilling to negotiate a property settlement. Lucas felt at risk of being left with nothing. Furthermore, he was struggling with his health, was re-training to re-enter the workforce and had limited income.

Lucas sought advice from Clancy & Triado’s accredited experts in family law. We assessed the situation, and advised Lucas on his rights and how to proceed. The matter ran to trial, however after a short cross examination, Sofia made an offer to settle. The settlement enabled Lucas to buy a home, take time out to regain full health and retrain. Eventually he re-established himself with a new job and a more secure, independent future.

*The name of this client was changed to protect his privacy.