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Estate Planning

Manage your estate for future generations

Estate Planning

It is important that you plan the management and distribution of any assets in your estate in an effort to minimise stress and the risk of disputes between those you leave behind. Estate planning is one step in this process. It determines how any interests you have in a company, trust, superannuation fund, and/or jointly held property will be managed upon your death. 

Clancy & Triado’s expert lawyers can advise you on the future distribution of any interest you have in a company, trust, superannuation fund or jointly held property. We can also assist you to prepare your Will, any financial agreements and Powers of Attorney,

Testamentary Trust

Your Clancy & Triado lawyer can advise you on whether a testamentary trust is appropriate for your circumstances. This would allow you to make a gift in your Will, via a trust, that will be provided to a particular person or entity upon your death. 

A testamentary trust can:

  • Help manage your estate to ensure your children’s inheritance is appropriately dealt with until they reach a certain age;
  • Attract tax benefits when inherited money is distributed to beneficiaries;
  • Provide for beneficiaries who have a disability and are not able to appropriately manage their inherited funds without assistance.