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Domestic Violence

It's never acceptable to live with violence

What is Family Violence?


It is a sad reality that when some relationships break down, domestic and family violence can occur and even escalate.  That violence may be directed towards a partner, a child, a pet or the physical properties of the home. It may take the form of harmful physical acts; the use of control; or threatening, forcing or dominating a family member through fear.

Family and domestic violence may also take the form of economic abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, sexual abuse, threats and coercion.

There are no excuses for family and domestic violence. It is never acceptable.


Protecting You and Your Family


At Clancy & Triado, it is our aim to protect you and your children from family violence and to help you rebuild your life so that you can enjoy a safe and secure future. Our accredited family lawyers are ready to listen to you, tell your story, to advise you of your rights and to protect you and your family from domestic violence.


We will represent you in court to achieve an intervention order that prevents or restricts your former partner from coming into contact with you.


We can also work with accountants and financial consultants to assess and protect your financial circumstances.