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Property Injunctions & Asset Protection

Advice to protect your property and assets

Property Injunctions & Asset Protection

Sometimes, as a consequence of a dispute, one party will attempt to prevent the other from receiving a share of an asset or all of the assets held within the relationship.

If you face this situation, Clancy & Triado can take urgent action on your behalf to protect your assets until an orderly property settlement is achieved. This can be done with actions that include registering caveats on real estate, and seeking injunctions and restraining Orders from the Family Court to prevent the sale or dissipation of other assets such as businesses, bank accounts, superannuation entitlements, trusts and other investments.

We can also take action to ensure you retain control of your assets and that they are not transferred or on-sold to a family member or third party.

In the event that you are involved in a dispute that puts your assests at risk, it is essential to seek immediate legal advice.