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Thida* lived in an abusive relationship for ten years. Her husband had been emotionally, financially and physically abusive, sometimes in the presence of her children. Eventually she decided to seek help and she turned to Clancy & Triado.
Having lived in an abusive relationship for so many years, Thida was unsure of her rights. Furthermore, she was frightened about the consequences of separating from her husband.

Clancy & Triado’s accredited specialists in family law listened to Thida’s story and advised her about her rights and about how she could apply for an intervention order to protect her and her children from further abuse. Additionally, we advised her about how she could protect her assets – understandably, Thida was worried about how she could maintain her financial independence.  With expert advice and support, Thida felt confident to apply for an intervention order against her husband that named her and her children. She was successful at the first hearing.

Thida gained exclusive use of her family home and could re-build her life in safety, without the threat of violence.  Importantly for her, because the case was resolved so quickly, there were no further legal costs associated with court proceedings.
With representation from Clancy & Triado’s accredited experts in family law, Thida went on to negotiate parenting arrangements and a property settlement without fear of being manipulated or bullied into a position that was contrary to her or the children’s best interests.

*The name of this client was changed to protect her privacy.